DFWARC Meeting Minutes

DFWARC Meeting Minutes 5/18/2020 7:00pm

  1. Order has been called and meeting started at 7:02pm via teleconference. Discussion of officer posts took place.
    Estefania Andrioaia has been nominated for the office of President and seconded. Estefania Andrioaia elected as President of DFWARC by unanimous vote
    Donna Itzoe has been nominated for office of Vice-President and seconded. Donna Itzoe elected as Vice-President of DFWARC by unanimous vote.
    Andrei Andrioaia has been nominated for the office of Treasurer and seconded. Andrei Andrioaia elected Treasurer of DFWARC by unanimous vote.
    Johnathan Ibert has been nominated for the office of Secretary and seconded. Johnathan Ibert elected Secretary of DFWARC by unanimous vote.
  2. Announcements- No current announcements as this is the first meeting.
  3. Roll Call of Officers – Roll Call has been taken. All officers present.
  4. Reading of the Minutes – No previous meeting to discuss minutes
  5. Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer reports $0.00 dollars in the clubs asset list, and reports no assets in the clubs inventory.
  6. Introduction of Members – The Secretary introduced Estephania, Andrei, Donna and himself as new members and newly elected officers.
  7. Introduction of Visitors- No visitors present
  8. Committee Reports – Committee’s will be assigned by the president before next meeting. Those assignments will be indicated in the next meeting minutes.
  9. Communications – No new communications to discuss.
  10. Old Business- Currently no old business to discuss.
  11. New Business – Discussion on the website, and club call. Johnathan takes on the role and responsibility of acquiring information and paperwork to finalize that info. Discussion of ARRL affiliation: We will discuss next meeting after we have acquired official status and call sign.
  12. Good of the Club – No new news or items
  13. Presentation by guest speaker – No guest speaker currently as it is the first meeting
  14. Adjournment- President called adjournment of the meeting. Next meeting will be scheduled for 7/15/2020 7pm.